Research Articles

I am enthusiastic about research and this also keeps me up to date and fresh. Here are details of my research and links to the publications.

Behaviour Change

Nöstlinger, C.; Platteau, T.; Bogner, J.; Buyze, J.; Dec-Pietrowska, J.; Dias, S.; Newbury-Helps, J.; Kocsis, A.; Mueller, M.; Rojas, D.; Stanekova, D.; van Lankveld, J.; Colebunders, R.; the Eurosupport Study Group (2016)            Implementation and Operational Research: Computer-Assisted Intervention for Safer Sex in HIV-Positive Men Having Sex With Men: Findings of a European Randomized Multi-Center Trial       JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes: 1 March 2016 - Volume 71 - Issue 3 - p e63–e72. doi: 10.1097/QAI.0000000000000882

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Mentalization & Personality Disorder

Newbury-Helps, J. (2011). Are difficulties in mentalizing associated with severity of Antisocial Personality Disorder? (Doctoral dissertation,University College London).

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Newbury-Helps, J., Feigenbaum, J., & Fonagy, P. (2016). Offenders With Antisocial Personality Disorder Display More Impairments in Mentalizing. Journal of Personality Disorders, 1-24.

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Kocsis, A., & Newbury-Helps, J. (2009, January). Mindfulness based stress reduction as an intervention for health related stress. In PSYCHOLOGY & HEALTH (Vol. 24, pp. 424-425).

Kocsis, A., & Newbury-Helps, J. (2016). Mindfulness in Sex Therapy and Intimate Relationships (MSIR): Clinical Protocol and Theory Development. Mindfulness, 1-10.

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Pain Management

Merika1,E., Borysiewicz, C., Zaheri, S.,  Patalay, R., Carton, J.,  Newbury-Helps, J., Lyons, D., Byrne, M., Setterfield, J.         A 10-year review of patients with vestibulodynia referred into a multidisciplinary clinic.   Journal of the American Medical Association (In preparation).

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